Why you need to dump a girl that does not get on with your friends!



I don’t think its a good sign if your girlfriend does not get on with your friends and these are the reasons for my logic.

  • You will find that you don’t get on with most people in different situations and environments in life this is for sure. It’s never easy to get on with everyone that is a certainty and part of time. However a big however most girls in the first year will be trying their best to impress you that is also for sure so if they cannot make an effort to get on with your friends it’s a bad sign. Basically whatever you see from her at first will be her on her best behavior.
  •  If you suddenly find that everything is about her and she even wants you to change your opinions of others around you that you never thought about you are being seriously manipulated.  If you find yourself feeling sorry for her when your own friends are feeling awkward and bad then there is some serial female manipulation happening
  • When she has made an embarrassment of herself in front of your good friends and she manages to turn it into her being insecure and the victim this is also a very thin line you should be watching. Is she insecure and not feel loved or just very selfish and and a serial attention seeker?
  • How can you tell the difference between her being insecure and perhaps having other intentions? OK, I think personally someone who is insecure she would not opening talk about her insecurities she would come across as a shy and nervous person more than a overly confident person she would doubt more than one area of her life not just her love life.
  • What can you do? Well it won’t go away this trait either the person is quite overpowering and they want your full attention and things to go there way or they won’t. Its really down to you to think about how this will impact your life in the long run
  • Easy going girls are the best – It’s better to have someone easy going in the long term they will be more flexible and happier to adjust rather than being unhappy about not getting their own way all the time!



Why are some women choose the wrong men!


This is one of the most interesting and influential topics around dating if you have a think about the topics discussed it could really help you meet the best person possible for you.

Many women say I just have really bad luck I meet the wrong people and I am just giving up I will end up alone. Everyone said he would cheat on me but I wanted to show my friends that he was a nice guy.  But you rarely see women looking at the mistakes they made that put them in this situation to start off with.

Ask yourself some questions

Do you notice that you are attracting the same kind of men?

Do you think your taste in men attracts bad boys?

Do you tend to go more for looks than personality and personal traits?

Do you listen to what your family and friends think of your partner?

Were there signs that this person was not good for you and you were not good for each other?

If you answered yes to the above questions and I am positively sure that many of you did then there were warning signs already that the relationship was not going to work out in the first place.

When you finally realise your partner has cheated or that they are not good for you normally by this time it is too late to reconcile your life and feelings you are too deeply into it.

Before you get involved in the relationship you should think about the kind of men that you are attracted to. What do your family and friends think of them this is really important they give you a good idea of a really honest opinion. If your family do not respect that person it’s a bad sign.

Perhaps it’s your taste and choices that lead to the failure of the relationship you need to make your taste in men better you deserve better and should want better








Reasons Why You’re Jealous (And How To Stop)



Jealousy is one of the things that can cause major rifts in a relationship. I call it the Relationship Killer. Its a really nasty trait and would never advise someone to get into a relationship with someone who is jealous natured.

Are you the one in the relationship that tends to get jealous? Is your partner jealous of you? Do you both display jealousy at different points in your relationship  Would you like to understand it better and know what to do?

1. You’re feeling insecure, whether you realize it or not. 

The first cause of jealousy is a basic insecurity, which manifests as conscious or subconscious.

Some women or men are worried that they will lose that person if they give them too much freedom, and their mind goes wild runs away with them and they read into every action and look.

Some people are really concerned about their partner leaving them even meeting someone better than them but this seed of doubt can spoil any relationship.

Because you are ever vigilant watching for the least sign of straying, you can drive yourself and your loved one crazy with your suspicions and accusations.

2. Your past is coming back to haunt you. 

Sometimes jealousy stems from past experiences: someone from a past relationship cheated on you or maybe you watched someone you care for go through this ordeal with his partner. Maybe even your partner cheated on you during an earlier part of your relationship.

You are afraid to let your guard down because you don’t ever want to go through that horrible pain again.

What can you do? If the past experience involved someone other than your current partner, remind yourself she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Your past can be your biggest enemy you really carry some dirt over from your past relationship to your latest one and this will make a hell lot of difference. Let go of the past if something bad happened or you will continue the cycle of the bad relationship in your new one.

Don’t judge your new partner if he has not done anything wrong yet people are very different so bare that in mind.

3. You think you “own” your partner.- yourtango thinks 

Another form of jealousy comes from believing your partner belongs to you. When you have this mindset, there is no room for him to even speak to another woman. If he even glances another woman’s way, you are all over him, ostensibly keeping him in line.

The problem with this is that jealousy is never attractive. Whenever you accuse people of things they are not doing, you increase the chances they will do it just to spite you. After all, you’re punishing them as if they are guilty so why not do the crime?

If this is you, remember you do not own anyone. Your partner has free will and will be with you as long as he wants to and will leave you when he chooses. You can’t control him into living a life he doesn’t want to live.

You have gone off him after having a baby?!.. Some advice on how to keep the relationship healthy after the birth!




So, I hear so many cases where women go off their husbands after they have just given birth and there are some normal and natural reasons for this.

This is what the NHS website says about it

Symptoms of postnatal depression

Postnatal depression can affect women in different ways. It can start at any point in the first year after giving birth and may develop suddenly or gradually.

Many women feel a bit down, tearful or anxious in the first week after giving birth. This is often called the “baby blues” and is so common that it’s considered normal. The “baby blues” don’t last for more than two weeks after giving birth.

If your symptoms last longer or start later, you could have postnatal depression.

Common symptoms of postnatal depression

The main symptoms include:

  • a persistent feeling of sadness and low mood
  • loss of interest in the world around you and no longer enjoying things that used to give you pleasure
  • lack of energy and feeling tired all the time
  • trouble sleeping at night and feeling sleepy during the day
  • feeling that you’re unable to look after your baby
  • problems concentrating and making decisions
  • loss of appetite or an increased appetite (comfort eating)
  • feeling agitated, irritable or very apathetic (you “can’t be bothered”)
  • feelings of guilt, hopelessness and self-blame
  • difficulty bonding with your baby with a feeling of indifference and no sense of enjoyment in his or her company
  • frightening thoughts – for example, about hurting your baby; these can be scary, but they’re very rarely acted upon
  • thinking about suicide and self-harm

Maybe your were never really that into him and its just an excuse

Many women decided before having the baby that they were not that into him really anyway and after the baby the reality comes to life! Perhaps this has happened to you?

How some women felt after giving birth

I don’t even want to put this into words, because then it’ll be real. But I need some advice.

I still love my husband, but I’m starting to question whether I’m in love with him any more. Our baby is 17 weeks old, so obviously the dynamics of the relationship have changed dramatically, and I’m hoping that it’s just that, and we’ll get some spark back. Has anyone else found they felt this way after their baby was born?
We have only had sex a few times since baby arrived, and I have to admit that I was just going through the motions for his sake. I’m not sure if it’s because of changes to my body, or if I don’t fancy him any more, or if it’s a combination. I’m not sure if I should tell him I feel like this, especially if it’s just a normal phase, because it’ll really hurt him – or worse, I’ll find out he’s having the same thoughts.
I don’t think i want to leave him, but I have to confess I’ve been fantasising about just that….

My feelings towards the baby have also changed in the last few days. This is awful to think, never mind say, but he’s really getting on my nerves. He’s whiny, he constantly wants me to entertain him, and he’s taken to punching me too! Even his gorgeous little smile doesn’t have the same effect on me anymore.

What is going on in my head??!!!! Is it normal to feel like this, and will it pass???!!!

What can you do to keep the relationship alive

  • Start spending quality time together I think eating dinner together it’s a great and important time in each day when you talk about how the day was it’s quality time
  • Travel together perhaps drop him off to the station once or twice a week so you can talk together a bit more
  • Get the helpers to babysit when you are ready to and have day lunch dates even go for a swim together for an hour
  • Tell him or her how much they mean to you try and make your partner feel positive when you spend time together
  • Get a family day out trip booked to the national trust or something you can all enjoy together
  • Feel good about yourself exercise and start to get back into shape after the baby