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Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are to divorce after two years of marriage.

TMZ, the US showbusiness website, claimed Jolie has filed papers citing “irreconcilable differences”.

A legal representative for the actress confirmed she has filed papers to dissolve the marriage.

“This decision was made for the health of the family. She will not be commenting, and asks that the family be given its privacy at this time,” attorney Robert Offer said in a statement.

The couple have been together since 2005, and married in 2012, and have six children.

TMZ claimed Jolie has requested physical custody of the children and that September 15, 2016 was the date of separation.

Just last year, Jolie told the Telegraph the couple would “stick together whatever comes” but admitted: ““Brad and I have our issues”.

She added: “To be clear: we have fights and problems like any other couple. We have days when we drive each other absolutely mad and want space.”

Jolie and Pitt have been one of the most scrutinised celebrity couples of recent years, since rumours the actor left his former partner Jennifer Aniston during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith.



She is just after his money not love!


So it’s a little controversial topic but actually happening more often than you think where the women is just into the guy based on how much money they have and not that she is interested in finding love.

So, if a woman loves you for who you are, she’ll want to spend time with you whether you’re footing the bill or not. If she can list off every meal you’ve bought her and everything you’ve purchased for the last month, but doesn’t give a damn when you invite her to a homey get-together with the fam, you may have a gold digger on your hands.

Here are the tell tell signs up front!

1.She never pays for dinner

So the first dinner I agree should be on the man this is the tradition and men get your pennies out on the first date. However if you see she never offers to take you for dinner or pay this is a clear signal that she is after your money. For some reason the dinner scenario is a very good example and test to see if she just enjoys being taken out or if she is willing to pay her way.

2. She loves going shopping but happily takes the gifts

She is always happy for you to pay for gifts even if you offer, she never says no, she just stands back and takes takes takes each time without putting her hand into her pocket. I would take this as a warning sign.

3. Children are old enough but she has made no attempt to work

The kids are old enough and spend most of their time at school and she has still made no attempt to find a part time job or bring in any money. She may have lost her confidence and is scared to work but she should get back to work once the kids are old enough to go to school.  Personally I think that you should want to get back to work or earn some money so help contribute to the family even if it’s working from home based jobs.

4. She gets in a temper if you don’t get her what she wants

She starts to get upset and angry with you if you don’t get her what she wants as far as gifts go or posh enough dinners when she is not contributing to it at all. Beggars cannot be choosers!

5. You just have that feeling ..

You just think that she likes you because of money – better to face it sooner than later before she leaves you once you have no money left?? Confront her and see how that goes if she is not after money she won’t get that upset.

6. She is willing to put up with anything for the money

She seems like the ideal woman, happy to clean, cook and be domesticated so you look past the fact that she is only doing it for money! Being unequal can cause issues so really think about this before you become involved.

Get the courage to see through the gold digger!

Nobody is perfect – How to get over the rebound stage!

Its hard not to be on the rebound months or even years after a relationship and I say this with caution. It’s all about comparing the new person with the last person and really accepting that no person is perfect. You will find one thing that is certain and that is the fact that is that people are different and their qualities are different.

Its hard not to compare people with each other because this is how the human brain works and its natural to do this. Accepting the choices you made and the reasons why you made them is really important as you know that the one you picked it deep down the best one for you.

Forgetting the past is hard and its easy for girlfriends to tell you just get over him he was a *&%&^… well the bad news is that it’s a long journey to truly move  on and if anyone disagrees then they never had anything to lose. It’s difficult as you lose a friend or perhaps a fatherly figure. If you wonder why it still hurts be honest with yourself and move on when you are ready.

My best advise to you is learning to forget the past is not always the best way but learning from it is much better and understanding why you liked that person will help you to move on!


17 online dates Date Two! POF Plenty of FIsh.com

Thanks to my friend who tried 17 online dating sites and 17 dates! She did not want to be named!

So it’s becoming much easier to meet new people now I have tried on-line dating for the second time. We start to go through the same route; message a little, then send some text messages and we meet ( it’s all becoming more normal)

Second site and its Plenty Of Fish .. This site looks cheap like its been knocked up in the garage by some kid on a weekend. However its easy to use and more importantly its FREE! I think that this was the first free site that started up and it became much bigger than expected.

First Impressions of POF

  • It’s easy to use and user-friendly but looks cheap and I think it attracts stranger people than Match
  • Its seems less sophisticated than Match.com and really has an edge of desperation
  • However I managed to get a date so lets see what happens next

The Date

I managed to get a date with a surgeon who told me he liked cake, when we met up he seemed nice he had a flashy car and was good on paper so far… so good… Immediately after talking for a while I found out he was moving to Manchester soon so why did he want to date me in London. Anyway we had a drink and there was no spark! I hate to say it but so far the Match.com date was better even though he was not my ideal man! This site seemed to attract a different class of male yet was Free! This was not for me TW – Time wasters


17 online dates Date One! Match.com

I found myself single and out on my lonesome so I have decided to become one of those animals that tries online dating for the first time..Thanks to my friend who tried 17 online dating sites and 17 dates! She did not want to be named!

Date one

Site Match.com

Match charges you money so I hoped that the quality of men would be better than any of the free sites, well I hoped.. Here goes…. At first glance the logo is attractive and the site is user-friendly many of the men are attractive and well-educated on their.

Every Time you take a look at a person on the site they know you have seen them I do feel like a bit of a stalker already. I have started to talk to quite a few different guys on the site and  actually I have my first date lined up.

Who is he? 

He is an Oxford graduate not very tall yet he looks cute and well harmless so lets give him ago. We plan to meet at Charlots Bistro in Chiswick for our first date its near my house and actually feels safe. We exchanged numbers and he text me a few random messages about meeting… Feels strange talking to a stranger as I have never been on-line dating before!

We meet for the first time!

I get a drink and wait at the bar feeling a little nervous but I am excited and well my mission to find a man is on I am excited and ready! I work out a plan in my head how the date will go and actually the date goes the complete opposite way. We meet and talk and after loosening up we go and get very drunk together, shots and wine follow…  He invites me in for coffee at the end of the date but I tell him I am off home and he is not getting any “coffee”

End of date one

Great date, Match was a great source of men there were plenty of my type of men on there the ones who seemed normal yet a little middle class and pompous that is just how I like them. It’s easy to use and not too pricey! Worth a try

Will I meet him again!

Yes – But it won’t go anywhere!

7 out of 10 *******

Fifty shades of dates How to turn a guy off on the first date!

How to ensure you push them away in one date

1) Becoming too pushy and keen for the first three months is a massive no no! Look, even if the guy is a saint he will not be keen if you are way too keen! Even if guys tell you this is not true I do believe that the only way to get them eating out of the palm of your hand is to stay COOL!

2) What does it mean to be cool?! Being cool means not sending texts to him every day, it means being busy and it’s just being unavailable now and again!

3) Start to talk about being in a relationship on the first five dates – no!!!!!!

4) You only let him pay for the first and second dinner and you never offer to go half

5) You eat with your mouth full, lick your fingers after dinner or spit on him over dinner ( big no no!)

6) Key lines to try to avoid – Where do you see yourself in the future? What was your longest relationship?

Do you want kinds? Is your mum mad? Are you into religion? Do you want to get married?

7) Do not sleep with them on the 1st – 6th dates