Why some men just pick-up women and do not want to commit

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The Deep Seas of a Man's Heart

I guess for some of us men this could be easier to understand as this is a topic about a man’s attitude, whereas for the girls, it could be another story being able to get a grasp of this.

So, some guys just want a bit of sex and that’s it, why? Why won’t he commit to me since we seem to work together? I am in love with him but he just doesn’t care?

There are a few good reasons for this to happen and a few good things a girl could do about it and that we, men, could do too.


1) It may be the case that the guy could be picking-up women as a means of getting “affirmation”, value. That he is good enough. I have done that a lot for a few years because having lots of girls made me feel successful as a…

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