Changes in a relationship – break-up’s and staying together

Relationships definitely have ups and downs and at times we believe we can never make the other person happy or ever be good enough. It’s like a decision tree at this point and your relationship can take a turn in many different directions. You have to really be honest with yourself and each other to get through this difficult period and to unwind any unresolved issues.
Why did this happen?
If you feel your relationship is heading in a different direction and things are not like they use to be then there is a reason for this. Perhaps your partner has stopped giving you attention perhaps they started to put their job first. Something that happened over time and you are even in denial over this. You may start to look back at the relationship and compare how it was in the past. If you have been together for a while perhaps with time you both changed as person.
What are the impacts?
Ok, partners could start to look around at other people to try and get attention, this makes you feel more confident and loved. You decide to avoid the person and you may become snappy everything they say annoys you it’s like a buzzing Nat in your ear. You could start to slowly divorce yourself of the relationship and even compare your partner with a past relationship. You feel like things have changed so much you start to feel emotional, insecure and unhappy.
What should you do?
You need to be honest with yourself about how you are feeling before deciding anything. You should judge the relationship over its lifetime and not just in parts, your partner deserves to be reviewed with the good bits and bad bits. You should try to imagine life without them and to think about how this would impact you both. Communication and time are the best cures in this situation in my personal opinion. Being honest with your partner can save the relationship. Take time away together and spend quality time together before rushing to a conclusion.
Is it too late?
I’m a strong believer in the fact that the grass is not always greener, everyone has good points and bad points. Also everything does happen for a reason when it’s the end it’s happened because two people ended it really. As they say if the fights worth fighting then make sure you fight well as finding love is one of the greatest things and most valuable things in life.
Breaking up …
Staying together …
Both take time and hard work but I know my readers are smart so be strong and I wish you all the best xx

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