First six months of marriage!

So far so good, but I wouldnt say that it will be an easy ride, marriage take love, communication and ownership. I can understand why people get divorced as it’s easy to neglect your relationship when you know the person will be yours forever!

Sorry blog – I have been a little offline recently but don’t forget all my advice and please don’t think that I don’t love and cherish my blog! Well hello, I am back and I have new views and lots to say about love, lust and everything to do with dating!

I truly am happily married and that is not said lightly or to gloat and make the lonely people feel bad. I am saying this with wisdom and hard work was what got us to this point. What do I think is the key to a happy married life..

1) Get it sexy – Make sure that you stay close and make an effort try and look nice for your partner – This means don’t let yourself go just because you are married!

2) Be honest with each other – having secret will only come out eventually so it’s best to be open with the people from the start – Saying you are unhappy is a good thing rather than holding it inside for years and years

3) Fun – Make sure you make each other laugh – stop moaning about work for example and get the fancy dress out and enjoy life!

4) Communication is key – This may sound easy but it’s not when you have busy lives! Aim to eat one meal a day together (without a phone or the TV on). Talk to each other for one hour in the evening with no devices or TV – Go for a walk or the gym for example

5) There is more than lust and love – it’s all about friendship really and accepting that you understand each other

6) Don’t think that a baby or wedding will make it all OK! That requires a very strong connection!


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