Why do the guys we like not like us?

1) You become so keen you start acting too desperately

  • When you feel like you are in a hurry to meeting someone it becomes immediately obvious to the other person even if we think we can hide it well
  • There is a saying “when you are least looking for someone you find someone” and I think this is really important for all of us to remember – being relaxed about your search will come across in the relationship

2) You have to tick the boxes for a man – its like 50 job applicants and only one role available at the end of it

  • You almost have  to be on top form during this interview period some people are not willing to go the extra mile and well its shows
  • If you start to moan about life and your job on the first few dates it’s not a good sign or healthy at the start to any relationship – Hold back!

3) It’s just down to fate / and its written in the stars

  • There is an element that is down to fate and really you cannot do anything about that/ whats meant to be will be

4) Show your adventurous side / deep down most men like a fun and playful personality

  • You may be worried about him becoming your boyfriend that you forget about having fun and having a sense of adventure
  • Being focused on what you want may lead to you not having as much fun and enjoying the relationship

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