What do men find most attractive about women

1) The game/ chase  ..”The unobtainable” – The race to get the girl is almost better than getting her in real life, you will find the game close to the way it is within the animal kingdom chase

  • The chase of something you cannot get but want gives the guys the energy and excitement to pursue the girl for long enough
  • during the chase you imagine how the girl will be like, smell like and well you imagine …
  • Enough said the chase is maybe better than the actual catch in some case

2) Intelligence – The smart One! – Men find a girl who has a brain and a career attractive and a bonus

  • Brains are likely to come second to looks in most cases so once they like the look of you next is how smart are you
  • Having a mind of your own and an opinion is important in most cases, but to be gentle with the opinion you have and not aggressive
  • Learning new things is also attractive – skills, training and hobbies – for example being into something creative is a bonus!

3) Gentle and caring women – This comes from the mothers we think – we think that deep down they want someone to take care of them!

  • A motherly figure and female trait – being seen as the opposite of a manly trait
  • Cooking and baking is a bonus
  • Taking care of a man – running a bath, cooking and cleaning – small bonus

4) Openness . easy-going nature 

  • How open a person is to new things and towards change
  • The opposite of a bossy women is a preference even if they do end up with one – the ideal women is not like this..

5) Sense of Adventure – Being Spontaneous 

  • Being a little bit adventurous in nature is attractive for men – examples are;
  • sports adventure
  • Intimate adventure
  • life adventure

5 thoughts on “What do men find most attractive about women

  1. cynicaldreams says:

    I think in addition to the last point, some men pursue a woman who will either challenge them or put them at risk. The effect is the same, in that it puts the guy in a position where their ego is under attack.

    Nice summary!

    Liked by 1 person

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