Why is love so hard…

Why is love so hard? 

  1. Labels terrify some people and uncertainty terrifies others
  2. We see people getting screwed over so often
  3. Some people are so, unbelievably shallow
  4. Quitting is easier than fixing
  5. Because falling in love isn’t hard at all. It’s the getting back up after your heart has been smashed into a million tiny pieces that’s so brutal

1) Labels ensure that they put pressure on men and women beyond belief and this quite often results in relationships ending. How can we avoid this? Well I think that its good from the start to be honest and open about what you want and expect from the relationship. Don’t try to change a person or live in hope for them to change for your benefit then get upset once it won’t work. Ensure that you communicate honestly and ask the other person what they want from the future too!

2) We see people getting screwed over so often and perhaps this haunts us into thinking everyone is the same way, it’s not good to use your past or others to tarnish a new relationship. Make a fresh start and don’t look backwards. This will give you the best chance of survival

3) You need to get past looks, look looks and find someone who is nice inside and outside. I think that you need to try to get to know someone as a friend and they will grown better looking naturally. People change in looks and can change so look past this or you will end up on your own!

4) Quitting is easier than fixing something that is harder work.. I do think that every relationship and even marriages need help at some point. You have to be a good judge of character though and really consider all of the key factors! Some friends hate men and will find all of the negative things but you need to talk it through with your partner before giving up or going on ..

5) Try and forgive a person and to move on even if they have heart you. Remember that humans are only human and we cannot help but mess up at times

XOXO DD hope it helps


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