Welcome To The New Mr and Mrs…

Mr and Mrs

Weddings are pressured experiments and a real test of your character and  relationships, but in the end the best moments are after the actual wedding, just sat on the couch with my husband reminiscing at the photos. The photos don’t only bring back memories of our big day but of our friends, family and relationships that surround us, it’s these memories that hold our love together.

The photos are interesting as you can really see who is happy and who is little sad, sad because they are less happy than the Bride and Groom, or just sad because they wish they were getting married, or even sad their big day has been and gone!  In some way everyone is happy on a wedding, perhaps they are just happy to get the free booze, or happy to be sat with family and  friends or just happy because they love us!

Most importantly the journey of marriage has been long and exciting, we made good friends along the way and to be honest its a bit sad that its all over in a way! I think you feel deflated after all the excitement!

Overall I just want to be grateful that I have someone to love and that they love me its really the best feeling in the world and perhaps the most important thing in the world! No money can get you this feeling!

When I got married I started to notice those who were more lonely around me, its such a sad feeling not to know that you have someone. Weddings can make those who are alone feel more alone, they can ignite others wanting to marry and also perhaps help others notice they are not meant for it at all!

My best advise would be look hard and find a friend that will always love you, just the way you are its the most precious, meaningful thing in life! If you are poor then surely everyone can become rich one day if they find love

DD xxx


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