Girls who check out other girls

Why do girls check out other girls?
Admit it, many straight women spend more time checking each other out than they do the opposite sex. Julia Oliphant asks why we’re so obsessed with analysing what she wears, how she dances, what she eats .. her hair is better, her nose…

Like it or not, we’re all guilty of it. Be it an inconspicuous glance at the girl browsing the same clothes shop window as you, or the rather more blatant stares at the girl sitting opposite on the tube – we just can’t seem to help ourselves.

 “Obviously I look at other girls all the time – so much so my boyfriend has even taken issue with it,”

“I’m always interested in what other girls are wearing, it’s fascinating to people watch, especially in a place where women are so fashionable.”

The idea that we are all silently battling it out with one another over our looks sounds a little absurd. Yet after more than thrice feeling telepathically slain on just one commute, I started to realise this thesis is not entirely untrue. I guess I do compare myself to others. I ask Jessica, a teacher, whether she thinks we engage in secret contests with one another and she ashamedly confesses: “Today I was walking behind a girl and the entire time I was deliberating whether her legs were fatter than mine.”

My advice to those who keep comparing themselves to other women? Go and do something with your time that gives you a greater sense of self. Pick up a hobby, learn a language, enrich your life,” Sweet suggests. Maybe I will, after all, speaking French might give me an edge on the competition, right?


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