How do men prepare for marriage? Listen and learn ladies!

This is a very complicated topic and perhaps unknown to many of us, marriage means something different to individuals and even to the different sexes.

Men getting prepared for marriage

1) Looking within and growing-up!

  • The “cave theory” is certain we all know that men need their caves and perhaps becoming prepared for marriage is a mass caveman adventure – This means that men need to soul – search within themselves, travel, through time and perhaps even go through a mini crisis before becoming ready. It’s not certain what actually happens within the man cave but it’s for certain that they are thoroughly thinking through the thought of you both marriage and what married life will actually be like!
  • The Crisis – Many people men and women can go through a crisis before getting married so its pretty normal in todays day and age. Just ride the wave and they will come back to the sand soon, be calm during this uncertain period and you will decide either way towards marriage or no marriage
  • Become Closer and he will come closer – Doing more things together and finding out that you get on well is always a good way to prepare for marriage so try to do more activities together! Have fun!
  • Time is the best way to become ready! It may sound simple but in time he will come to you and the less you ask for a ring the better! Girls as much as they like you its a disaster waiting to happen! When he is ready he will ask you – This is the best advice I can give

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