The Long term relationship that lasted just a bit too long!

Do you ever find that you have become very attached to something in life? I think that there are many very good examples of liking something because its grown on you or because you got into a routine.

Relationships sometimes manifest in this same way, you have been together so long and you mold into one person. It’s good to consider if you are still happy in the relationship?
Signs that you are just with a person because time has passed and you are too afraid to be alone

  • You find that you no longer have much in common with each other and you are in a routine rather than love
  • Basically you are more afraid of being alone that actually missing that person because they are best suited to you
  • You start to look around at other men/ women are seek attention from the opposite sex when you can
  • You consider often that this person is not that suitable for you but you are too afraid to leave
  • You have lost the spark and you don’t think you are in love anymore

What should you do next

So I am not a strong believer in just leaving something because you think there maybe something better out there! You have two choices one is to work at it because you see the potential and the second is to walk away from it without trying but you will live to regret this in more cases.

  • You need to communicate with your partner about how you feel and how you want to feel
  • Think about what it is that you want before confronting the partner about the relationship
  • Try and do more things together ( sport, find a hobby, get out of the house and do it)
  • Spend one meal a day together breakfast or dinner without phone and TV!
  • Do things for each other! It’s important to give and receive its a good feeling
  • Talk about the future? do you both want the same things from the future
  • Date night can help once a week

Alternative things

  • Have a break – distance can make you think clearly ( I don’t recommend that you see other people during this period you need to be on your own)
  • Talk to friends and family and maybe seek couples help?
  • Seek deeply inside you and be honest with yourself
  • Do the list ( things you like and don’t like ) 😉 we all do it!
  • Work less – maybe focus more on the relationship rather than work
  • Take a holiday together or do some travelling in a relaxing environment

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