To move in or not to move in together, how to get past the fear and live happily ever after



A moving experience: here’s how to tell you’re ready to shack up
Moving in with the missus can seem like a gigantic step and can bring even the most confident man to question himself. But are you closer to moving in than you realise? Aside from being madly in love and in a deeply passionate, committed relationship, there are several things you might want to consider before you put yourself into this make-or-break situation.

Namely, moving in just to save money on paying double rent is never a great idea, and you need to make sure emotions aren’t the reason behind your decision to take the plunge. Here’s how to tell you’re ready to move in together.

What does it mean to move in together? 

  • Moving in together can mean different things to each person; some people it’s a big deal and others they are less bothered about the big move
  • Moving in together means you have to share more; bills, time, space and you really share the real you
  • It means that you have reached the next stage of your relationship and you are ready to commit
  • Moving in is a natural step and its natural also to be a bit scare of this change 🙂
  • Everything’s better when she’s/he’s around, you call her after you’ve just spent time together and miss her /him when she’s not there. You’ve had the wake-up call when you realise you’d rather be talking to her / him about your feelings than talking to your mates about sport.

What should you consider before moving in together?

  • Are you happy to move, comfortable and ready to take this to the next step?
  • Do you have a big enough place for the both of you? space is a big thing to consider when considering a move, if there is no space it can make it a bad experience
  • If you don’t move in you will never really know a person so what do you have to lose?
  • What are your bad habits and how will that impact the other person 😉 we all have them

Why are you concerned? 

  • It’s normal for both people to be worried you think that you may lose the freedom that you currently have, perhaps you will miss the old life?
  • You think that the next thing after moving in together is marriage and kids and this scares you?
  • Moving in together you may find out the person is not cool anymore and you want the relationship to stay the same


  • You have to take a chance or you will never know what it would have been like?
  • If you want to marry him/her in the future its better to know if that person is not suitable / suitable sooner than later
  • You are moving to the new stage of your relationship and life and its exciting it shouldn’t scare you once you are actually living together

Advice once you move in together 

  • Date night – this is a great idea a friend suggested this and I would agree strongly
  • Spend quality time together for example eat one meal together each day and turn your phones off
  • Do some exercise together / a hobby will be good to help regulate your relationship
  • Make sure you communicate well when there are problems don’t let them boil up
  • Ensure you have your own time in the relationship so you have your own hobbies and things that keep you busy

Hope this helps x



5 thoughts on “To move in or not to move in together, how to get past the fear and live happily ever after

  1. Miss Adelaide says:

    This is a great post!
    Something as simple as living together can put so much strain on a relationship. I think the most important thing, as you point out, is communication and understanding. That way you’re on the same page and feel comfortable making the move! 🙂


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