How you become bored within a relationship and how to avoid it!

This week I decided to get my nails done, so I popped into the shop and there was a middle-ages women sat there looking a bit depressed. I have to say she did a fab job with my nails but in return I gave her some dating advice.

The problem 

  • She has become bored after 13 years of marriage, they have changed and have discovered they have different interests
  • They wouldn’t be together if they were not both afraid of being alone and were afraid of rejection
  • She no longer feels good about herself maybe that is the issue
  • Things were once good and everyone told her she was so lucky to have him, but now she’s not keen
  • She never attempts to do things he is interested in they just have different interests

What I think has happened

  • Overtime your relationship changes, you change you have to  know this is normal within a relationship
  • Perhaps the relationship have evolved and they need to accept that they are on a new phase of friendship and companionship ( friendship)
  • They need to be flexible to try to do more things together, if this doesn’t happen your relationship will never evolve
  • You need to try spending 30 mins a day together at breakfast or dinner this will help you ( during this time no devices just talking)
  • Communicate how you feel be honest and even seek help outside of the home together
  • Don’t blame your partner it always take two – what should you change? focus on that!
  • Do you feel good about you and who you are? important to be happy and focus on this before you get into any relationship
  • Do a sport together, dance … think of a way to spend one day a week together ( quality time)

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