True Love

Sometimes the people that love you see the best parts of you and overlook the mistakes and bad things you have done. When someone believes in you and knows who you are, sometimes more than you know yourself it’s really true love.

A women wants to be able to feel vulnerable, and know that her beloved will pick her up when he needs to. It’s the power and strength of love that enables us to do the best things.

Let’s take the example of the lazy child and the father. The child has lots of potential but he’s a bit lazy, what happens if the father leaves him be? Well he became more lazy and never releases his full potential. But if the father shows him he believes in him he encourages and pushes his potential, it impacts his success.

This is the same in any relationship, you become a better person once you understand your potential and someone shows you love and support. It’s very interesting but I hear many people talking about their relationship, and single people talking about potentials.

However I never hear them talk about meeting someone who will improve them and the person they are. A relationship could impact your future choices, morals, mould and define who you are and what journey you decide to take.

I know I’m turning into a much better person because of my love and that I’ll always be grateful


7 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Mac says:

    True love is seeing the flaws/faults of the other person & it doesn’t matter. You love/stand by that person inspite of these flaws or maybe you love them because of their flaws.


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