How to avoid bad communication within any relationship!

Bad communication normally leads to break-ups and definitely more often than not arguments, so listen carefully and be sure that after this you will be able to communicate well with your partner.

1) Imagining the worse and its just you being paranoid

Have you ever thought that your boyfriend is hugging a girl because he is flirting, its not innocent and maybe he wants to run off with her??? well perhaps actually they are good friends and he is actually discussing your relationship and how in love he is. How can you get this so wrong?

  • Don’t look over as it will make you feel mad with jealousy – stay calm
  • Walk over and maybe hug them both then start a conversation with them about something random
  • When you are alone discuss how this made you feel and that you felt paranoid – you can talk through why this happened and how you felt communicate and don’t imagine the worst

2) Things tend to annoy you that he/she is doing and it boils up ( everyone has habits)

  • You should confront the person by maybe asking them what annoys them about you and then bring up the issues you have had with their habits
  • You should be patient and notice that everyone does things differently – acceptance and workarounds
  • Work on things together – communicate and discuss what it is you can improve and do better

3) You feel the relationship is not working – maybe you start to go out more and turn to alcohol

  • When people have problems within a relationship what are the key ways they deal with it 1) they run away from the relationship they start to break-up with the person before leaving, they turn to alcohol and parties, they vent to friends and family, start to look for someone new or they put up with it and either communicate the problems or they don’t communicate.
  • How can anyone make things better if they are unaware of the problems – you should communicate the problems? You should think of what you can change to make things better? You should talk about a period of trouble – how long have you felt like this and how long will you give the relationship?
  • You need to be sure that you want to fix it and that you will both try to fix it

4) Quality time

  • You have to spend quality time together during this period – try and date again spend time with each other and go to places you went to when you were happy
  • Try and spend less time doing work, parties and spend that time together – for example eat breakfast together before work, and eat dinner together – spending extra time together like this can help
  • Talk about yourself and your partner – one sided communication is not good

Good luck and I hope it helps



2 thoughts on “How to avoid bad communication within any relationship!

  1. PaytonE says:

    I like this. My boy friend and I have started to talk more about communication. We really adamant about having good communication because we don’t want those little things to get between us. Last night over dinner we talked about things that annoy us, hurt our feelings, or make us jealous. We also made an agreement that if something is bothering us, even if we think it’s stupid (because I always think what hurts my feelings is stupid because that’s what I’ve been told in my other relationships), we will tell each other. No matter how small it is.


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