How to beat the loneliness of being single in winter

For some reason it becomes worse in winter being single and can start to make us quite depressed! Other studies have shown a strong correlation between loneliness and poor mental health. “Persistent loneliness can set the stage for depression, increase the risk of suicide, and in other ways jeopardize psychological wellbeing,” says one survey of empirical findings on the subject. University of Chicago psychologist John Cacioppo, a leading expert on the subject, even maintains that loneliness is contagious. His studies have determined that people are moved “to the edge of the social network when they become lonely,” and “lonely people transmit feelings of loneliness to their remaining friends, who also become lonely.” Cacioppo explained, soon after his study was published in 2009, “that as people become lonely, they become less trustful of others, and a cycle develops that makes it harder for them to form friendships.”

Here are some ways you can beat the loneliness..

  • Start to think about yourself and what you were like before you were in a relationship or were lonely – basically look inside yourself at what you can do to make you happy? – study, training, going to the gym or just meeting new friends??
  • Ask yourself some key questions – What do you want from life? what will make you happy and what should you change?
  • Start to do the following things – Try something new, go and explore a new place and start something new to keep you occupied
  • Try to organise things to keep you busy at weekends – go away with friends, do a creative hobby and even learn something new to keep you busy!

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