5 reasons why women like bad boys and what we can do to avoid it …

1) They are fun and adventure 

Girls use the expression that they don’t like boring men but they like a bad boy – what do they even mean by this term? I think it means someone who is unattainable in reality that they have to fight to get real solid attention off, its more of a “game” than a relationship!

  • Perhaps boring to one person is not to another and you should look at a good role model of a relationship and see how they compare with your bad boy. Most serious committed relationships are not with bad boys in the end
  • Perhaps you are afraid to commit and its a convenient situation to be involved in because they are more into themselves

2) Hooked on excitement

The women is after excitement more than a serious stable relationship perhaps, this holds her back from entering into a relationship with a nice guy!

  • Good is much better than bad come on girls!

3) Psychopathy is comprised of callousness, a lack of empathy, and antisocial, erratic behavior. It also lends itself to success in short-term mating, through a moral deficit and interpersonal hostility. Psychopaths have also been found to exhibit superficial charm, deceit, and a sexually-exploitative interpersonal stance.

4)This study is part of a growing body of research unveiling women’s dueling desires. On the one hand, they express wanting a relationship with a loving and committed partner for the long-term. Yet on the other hand, they demonstrate an attraction to men with darker personalities, typically for the short-term. It is important to recognize, however, that this dynamic has been shaped by the demands of evolution. For the women who fall for bad boys—and the men who love them—these insights may help untangle this paradox.

5) They don’t think that they can do better and they try and undersell the fact that they are insecure. Then they blame their bad choices for bad luck!

  • You are in control of who you pick so change it today and get a good guy!

One thought on “5 reasons why women like bad boys and what we can do to avoid it …

  1. Carl D'Agostino says:

    High school teacher minority schools 33 years. Can’t believe how many delightful decent girls are connected and attracted by scumbag thug guys. In this society where such poor choice is well known and exposed it still happens. Thanks visit my blog.


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