The cycles that people go through after a breakup explained in five stages

1) Sadness and Tears 

  • After a breakup the majority of people are sad and want to either be on their own or the opposite they are in need of their friends around them, the dumper or dumpee are both feeling sadness or guilt at this point
  • People react in a few different ways at this point; 1) want to go out and get drunk 2) focus all their energy on work 3) already start to go out and try to meet new people 4) they are very sad by the event and stay at home crying

2) Anger Phase 

  • Most people start to hate their old partner and see all of the negative things in them, its interesting how none of the good things come to mind in this phase
  • Or some people become angry at themselves – the people who have done the dumping are feeling guilty at this point in time
  • It can get messy – I would advise you to sleep on things before sending messages and talking as you are in a vulnerable state at this moment

3) Meeting people 

  • This is the phase when girls start to date – they have their tick list for criteria for a new boyfriend and basically compare every guy to their last guy
  • Boys that were once bad with girls become great with girls they seem to be able to get anyone that they want, after being in a long relationship they learn how to treat one and then become great at getting girls!
  • There is a rebound phase – don’t be the first one it’s always a rebound! explore and decide phase

4) The phase of calmness 

  • Everything starts to calm down and life starts to fit into place and the anger, sadness and strangeness of the past becomes more clear
  • You are less vulnerable and you have now chosen the direction for your life

5)  Acceptance and Forgiveness 

  • This needs to happen otherwise you will forever live in the past of the previous  relationship
  • pray for that person and try to be happy if they are happy – and let go of the past
  • Try and move forward even if you have not met someone – progress some part of your life

Key things to consider

  • Everyone goes through these same cycle and the good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel
  • Don’t focus on the past you must look forward and look to find happiness
  • If you are happy then it will attract other people
  • Keep busy learn new things and spend time with family and friends

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