Love problems

I am a strong believer in fate and all the stuff that comes with it, everything happens for a reason, we have good timing and well there is a bit of luck involved.  Lets see how you can create a better future and destiny for your relationship and future.

If it’s just not working but you want to give it time to wait for improvements 

  • Every relationship has some hard work involved within it this is obvious but how hard is this problems? you have to ask yourself how long will it take to resolve – First key thing you can action is the timescale – How long will you give it to resolve itself?
  • How unhappy does the situation make you? are you more happy or more unhappy?
  • What is your future going to be like? what do you want from your future and what can he give you?

You are together but he won’t commit 

  • I remember reading an article in the Times newspaper – It said that you should be together for just under three years and then you should be married, otherwise you have a bigger chance of getting divorced. When I read this I did think that it was true, for some reason its better to get married sooner when you still have a strong bond.
  • You need to communicate what you want and what he wants together it has to be 50/50 in the relationship – this match is as important as any type of relationship compatibility – example do your morals match, looks, likes…
  • Find a balance of communicating the message and then giving the person space  – don’t push it
  • But have a timeline in your mind that you give the person to decide – if they like you after 1.5 years they will ask you to marry – you can get married for £300 – £100k so money should not be an excuse

Together and get on well but you are no longer in love 

  • People say that love only lasts 1.5 years to 2 years and after that it turns into something different it’s not the same
  • Love is just one part of it, maybe someone people mix up this original feeling of euphoria with love it’s not the same
  • Finding love should be based on friendship, connection and loads more things – love is a part of it
  • Falling in love is the battle of a challenge and excitement – its part of the cycles



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