Key Ways to find out if your partner is into you!

She  spends time on you when you are not around 

  • Lots of communication over Skype, text and phone calls is a good sign
  • Good communication is key and well if this starts to go away you have a problem

Pays Attention To Your Needs

  • This is another one of those things that are completely involuntary when a man is into a woman. It becomes even more evident when you’re in a group of HIS friends. If he gives you special attention, more attention that to his friends then you’ve got him because any guy that gives you more attention than he gives to his friends is obviously caring much more about you.

He Does What You Like To Do

  • This is another prime example of what guys do to be in the presences of someone they have strong feelings for

A girl will make sure that everyone knows you are hers 

  • Interrupting you if you are talking to other girls
  • A little bit of the green-eyed monster is not a bad thing if you are very much into the other person

She asks lots of questions and engagement 

  • She will ask lots of questions about you and engage with you + remember small things about the other person
  • If he remembers your outfits and clothes and hair he has been looking and paying attention

Woman will make the move 

  • They will show the moves but only half way and will expect you to make the rest of the moves
  • Men should make the last move and

He’s Overly Concerned

  • We’re all concerned, at least to a degree about our friends and relatives but, when you’ve got a guy that’s overly concerned about you, it can only mean one thing. He’s truly into you.

You both start to mirror your movements and styles

  • Studies show when you are attracted to each other you start to move in the same way

Watch His Eyes

  • It’s very easy to tell if a guy is into you just by watching his eyes. Unlike other body parts that we can control, our eyes are different. If someone (male or female) is excited or has strong feelings about something, their pupils dilate. So, if you are talking to a guy and you see that his pupils are dilated it’s quite evident that he likes you and is even turned on by you.

He Gives You a Nice Nickname

  • Nicknames are a fantastic, somewhat involuntary way for men to show their emotions. See, unlike women, it’s much harder for us to show emotions but a nickname is an easy way to do it.




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