How to leave him without guilt – easy ways to breakup without tears

So I met my friend today and we have had the same conversation quite a few times, I feel so bad for her she’s lost and afraid to be alone. I decided to write my next blog post dedicated to all of those women who feel like this!

How to end it in a nice way

Breakup in your own head first 

  • Breakup with him in your own head first so you find it easier to get out of a sad situations – it will always be hard but ensure you are strong enough to do it!

Be strong being alone is not that bad

  • I remember my dads advice when I was on my own he said enjoy this time alone! Well done daddy you were correct, before you know if there is someone new knocking at the door. Being you for a bit is liberating!

Perhaps date others ( bit naughty) 

  • See people as friends don’t cheat just get a bit of attention if it helps – get a males advise basically but don’t get physical physical !

Spend Less time together 

  • Get less hooked – ween yourself of the addiction slowly but surely

Communicate the problems 

  • Talk through the issues and get closure

Don’t think you can be friends the one who was in love never wants to be your friend it’s too hard! But there is a bit of hope if they are decent



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