How to be happy after a breakup! The life you have is not the life you have been given but the life you made

Special Blog post! – especially from me to all my readers 

Firstly thanks to all my followers for making my blog a success and following me I reached a milestone for DD! I guess a breakup inspired me to help others with relationship challenges and to face my own. I decided to keep my identity a secret so that you focused on the words and not me and the drama, I really have fallen in love in real life and with writing.  You find comfort in the strangest of places, and I realize that the past is as important as my future.

LIfe is filled with challenges good and bad  but I know that it’s important to forgive yourself and the other person. The life you have is not the life you have been given but the life you made for yourself! Don’t  be afraid of sadness, loss or weakness inside you just be proud of who you became and not who you were and even who you want to be, work hard to be that person in that relationship.

You will always remember your first love even if it’s not the same kind of love you have now, it got you to where you wanted to be and is really beautiful and integral to everything,  … xxx

The good bad and the ugly breakup and how to forgive and forget

We talk about how important it is to for us to move on after the end of a relationship, and how important it is to meet someone new, here are some famous quotes after my breakup

Famous quotes from friends and family after you break-up 

Well he was not that good-looking, you are better

The best way to get over him is to get under a new him

I thought you could do much better, and you will do now he’s gone

You know what he was so boring you need someone more fun

Forget him, he’s not worth it

You will meet someone new

In time everything will heal

I will set you up with my friend

You need to put the past behind you and move on

What do I think?..

Here is my advice on how to really handle a breakup

  1. You should be human about it don’t let the bad things let you forget the great things that a person once did for you – Try and focus on the good things so you don’t hate that person
  2. Think that it takes two people to end a relationship you have a part and a reason why it ended in the first place
  3. Recognise where it went wrong and make sure you improve that in your next relationship
  4. Look and cherish the people who supported you and helped you
  5. And most important look forward and forgive wish them the best and be happy if they are happy – I know this worked for me

XXX Secret Blogger xx


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