The rules of a relationship in love cycles find out how it works

I have discovered that most and if not all couples love and relationship dramas go through the “cycle of love” this is down to a theory of the cycles of love years you have got together plus situations and personality

Cycle 1 – Friends Zone / start 

Zone of Confusion 

  • You are getting to know each other dating or just like each other – There is always one who is more sure than the other and one who is trying to impress the other, it’s very  unlikely that two people meet and just fall in love – every heard of the ones you like don’t like you well this is it… You are in the zone of confusion

Cycle 2 Getting to know each other 

Zone of Denial 

  • You start to find out more about the other person and there are things you don’t like you really want them to be as you imagined or wanted. You are faced with finding out more and either working out you have no chemistry or accepting the bad things – If you pass then go to cycle 3 if you not you are calling it a day

Cycle 3  Dating and building up chemistry 

Zone of Lust

  • Cycle three can be taken at any speed depending on the two people but in essence you will be lusting after each other or become better friends it can one of two ways
  • If you are in the lusting phase you are talking on the phone all day and want to rip each others clothes off – maybe trying new things and well you start to see your friends less but still have independence

Cycle 4  Dating and becoming more serious 

Zone of Consideration and introductions /data gathering 

  • You start to introduce your friends and family to your partner to gather data on them to see how suitable they are long-term for you. Normally by this phase its gone one of three ways 1) one is more keen to settle than the other 2) You are both at the same stage 3) one wants to take a step back as it got too hot. This is the real make or break phase – this should happen 6 months into the relationship.
  • Normally the guy can pull away at this stage but he will come back just show him how much you are into him! **

Cycle 5  Two become one 

Zone of Linkage Love Zone 

  • You are spending a huge amount of time together and you start to show the other person the real you without makeup on and start to fart in bed time. You start to fall in love and well love them for the good and the bad. You are on cloud 9 and yeah you are in the love zone!

Cycle 6  Head over heals .. 

Two become one 

  • Here you are seeing each other all the time and you are thinking about moving in together or taking your relationship to the next stage of commitment all the worries of pulling away have gone and you are solid – You know this person is in your future and you are on the road to being solid.
  • Friends that are single start to want to be less friendly and get s bit of the green-eyed monster!

Cycle 7  Comfort Zone  .. 

Things can become boring

  • You are serious and comfortable maybe too much so that you can lose the spark! remember date nights and working on your relationship and you will fly
  • On the other hand you grow to love the person even more and you think about weddings and babies 1 year – 1.5 years in

Cycle 8 Certain Zone 

  • You were made for each other and the relationship is made for each other !
  • Or you just decide you are no longer the same and you need to take a different path!

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