Love comes in different shapes and sizes & find out how you can find love

You know what I just noticed that love comes in so many different shapes and sizes, its like opening a Christmas cracker and finding a surprise. I guess when it comes to picking a partner it’s difficult enough without finding out that they are not your ideal match, guess this can get complicated.

I have a friend that is in love with a guy that she hopes loves her back, we are trying to understand how he feels about her, analyse his behavior and want to be hopeful that the situations changes. But until he commits we will never really know what he is thinking.

One thing is for sure, everyone wants to feel loved by someone but not many people find anyone to love them, this is the problem and as we get older it all becomes blurred and complicated.  Relationships don’t always start out equally and that is the interesting part, but you hope that after six months it will become more equal, I personally think that the guy should always love the girl a little bit more.

I cannot judge anyone as I totally understand that love is messed up and complicated and worse of all even when you know he’s / she is wrong for you, you are just hooked on the feeling of getting their attentions. It’s a vicious cycle and very hard.

How to know if they love you

  • You can talk about anything together in an open and honest way even if the truth upsets the other person
  • Friendship is key to love – after the love is friendship
  • Intimacy you should feel good when you are alone together it should feel nice and sparkly and correct
  • You are soul mates
  • That person completes and complements you for the way you are
  • You can trust them 100%
  • Fear of loss – what would life be like alone
  • They don’t try to change you
  • There are no games

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