Everything you need to know about love and dating! You can get the man of your dreams too!

I guess we have covered many topics over the past few months and I thought it was time to tell you more about me and my experience with being in love. I love to blog about dating, relationships and break-ups because its close to my friends and myself. As a girl you are looking for the one and that means the one who can love you and you can love.

The problems we face as girls 

We want someone who ticks all the boxes, he looks good, tastes good, has a good job and will become a good husband and father one day. Its mixed in with looks you want him to be handsome along with charming and its all too much

What do girls normally go for

Type one – Opposites Attracts 

They go for someone the polar opposite to them if they are quiet they want the jack the lad loud guy who oozes confidence for example.

Summary They tend to compliment each other well but on certain things they cannot come to any agreement.

Type Two – Father Love

They want someone like their dad with the same qualities that they see in their father!

Summary: It will be hard for the guy to live up to the girls expectations and will be compared all the time. However the girl must really love the guy if he’s like her dad and the dad is amazing! If the dad is not amazing then she is making a mistake and she is making the same mistake her mum made

Type Three – Balance is the key to a good relationship 

They want a balanced person someone who has qualities they don’t have and lack and also someone similar to themselves

Summary: I think this is the best type of relationship you can strive for if you can meet the balance you have it sorted!

Type Four 

They pick someone just like themselves – Polar same!

Summary: They tend to get on well at first but they hate the bad things about the other person and they tend to not be different enough to learn new things and become better!


4 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about love and dating! You can get the man of your dreams too!

  1. MeAndDating says:

    Some other factors that I’ve noticed: 1) Women take longer to get over failed relationships 2) Women are prone to going dating when on the rebound or emotionally unhealthy 3) Past relationships cause damage and anything said or done, no matter how inadvertent, that reminds a woman of an ex is your death knell.


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