How to become less single fast – 6 quick steps to get a man eat out of your hand

So I discovered that I am now good at giving dating advice only since I am not single and when I was single I was bad at taking advice. But I do think that there is someone out there for everyone so there must be a reason why you are single.

1) Step one to not being single is thinking about why you are single – Too picky, going for younger men, going for the wrong kind of men or just going and looking for the men in the wrong places.

2) Become more open – date guys that are different to your type, try new types of looks and different personalities. Being open to options is a good thing what is there to lose.

3) Communication start to become friends with a person and even if you don’t feel ready to start anything now you have a few plans lined up A, B and C and you can keep them all as meet-ups and potentials.

4) Try a new hobby, sport and even join a gym – try to talk to starters and if you cannot do this give them a smile and they will come and approach you

5) Don’t make the same mistakes as last time have a careful think about what went wrong and make sure you don’t repeat history – ask friends what they think and be open and honest with yourself

6) Let go of the past – look ahead and find someone who understands you – when you click you click but give it time as its never love at first sight – best things are worth waiting for !



4 thoughts on “How to become less single fast – 6 quick steps to get a man eat out of your hand

  1. MeAndDating says:

    From a man’s point of view, here’s a few more major turn-offs 1) Don’t be clingy 2) Don’t play games 3) Don’t settle for someone you can live with – wait for someone you can’t live without.


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