Why are we so picky?


Welcome to summer and all of those who are single… 

I wanted to ask why are you single? 



34 thoughts on “Why are we so picky?

  1. Ray H says:

    Wow that’s masochistic.

    Don’t allow yourself to be attracted to sociopaths. Don’t be into the challenge, the lack of mutual affection. Just don’t do that to yourself. Work on self-control. It’s not easy but you must try. You deserve better, have some respect for yourself.

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  2. missalau says:

    Because it’s easy to find anyone, but hard to find the right one. I want to find someone I have chemistry with, who has the same values, perspective on life, similar ambitions and most of all it needs to be the right time for both of you to commit.

    Or you could settle… but that’s not what i want.


  3. The Forgetful Philosopher says:

    “It’s like love is a lesson / That I can’t learn … I’ve got this habit I abhor / When we go out / I’m always watching the door / As if there’s someone I’m gonna see / Who could outdo / The things you do for me” – Ben Gibbard, Death Cab for Cutie, pretty much sums it up for me :/


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